Moon River Studios Terminates Land Plan

Wait Could Be Over As Moon River Studios Submits Plans for Construction (Image 1)


We aren’t talked about another Arnold sci-fi movie.

That’s what Moon River Studios has asked the Effingham Industrial Development Authority to do to their plan to build in the county.

“Last month we submitted everything for the entrance which is where we are standing right now and this month we’ll be sitting, submitting the plans for the studio site itself which is over here just behind us,” explained Jake Shapiro, CEO of FONU1.

Those were the grand plans Moon River’s CEO told us about last June. A multi million dollar production studio right in our backyard

Even now, the studio website still has a fly over tour of the acres and acres of property where they were supposed to build.

Property that will stay just the way it is.. for now.

“If we had a crystal ball and knew that everything they said would happen was going to happen, then that would be a disappointment.” said Vera Jones, Effingham County Commissioner.

Effingham County Commissioner Vera Jones says Moon River had big plans but never followed through.

She says while the county may be out of the movie business, the industrial biz is about to boom.

There is 2600 acres of property off McCall road near Blandford Elementary School called the Research Forest Tract. Its so valuable because its connected closely to 2 different railroads and has an easier hook up potential for water, sewer and power lines.

The property is now under an agreement with Omnitrax, which plans to use the two railroad hub to help set up contract for tracts of industrial development from 5 acres to up to 1000 acres.

“The group that has contracted this has worked with specific companies in the past,” explained Jones. “It has typical buyers like ready it shouldn’t be something that is such a maybe, it should be a big deal.”

But it could be a very big deal for Effingham County. Millions of dollars to fill the coffers and keep costs down for residents.

“We’ve kept our taxes down and not grown our budget where we were in the economy. We only want to grow the budget as our county grows,” says Jones. “We don’t want the existing taxpayers to pay a heavier burden we want new growth to be able to sustain what our costs are, so this should enable that.”

Commissioner Jones did says folks who live near the Research Forest Tract won’t have to worry. Buffers will be built in so the industrial companies don’t bother the residential homes.

As for the Moon River property, Effingham County’s Industrial Development Authority still has to vote to accept Moon River’s request for termination.

The door is still open for the studio to return and buy the site, if it isn’t sold to another buyer.

News 3 tried to get in touch with the studio for comment but never heard back.

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