Painting with a Purpose: Local artist calls on community for help with mural project

Local artist Danielle Gusby is working to sketch the side of the building at the Jewish Educational Alliance to prepare it to be painted, soon!


There are a variety of ways you can get involved in making your community better.

And there’s a talented young woman taking on that challenge by picking up her paintbrush, and encouraging you to as well!

News 3’s Courtney Cole has the story.

It may look like just any other wall outside at the Jewish Educational Alliance…

But if you add a talented young lady to the equation– plus the love she has for her community and a splash of paint…it starts to look more and more like a blank canvas.

And it won’t be that way for long, because she’s working to put a mural in its place.

“This process started maybe four weeks or so ago, but actually doing the drawing on the wall, that’s only been a couple of days. Between yesterday and today–and getting the building primed, and the weather!” said Danielle Gusby, the artist of the community mural.

But rain or shine the artist says she’s dedicated to creating something people in the community can be proud of…that’s why she wants you to come out and help paint, too!

“The vision overall, the JEA [Jewish Educational Alliance] overall wanted something that’s fun that everybody can participate in…so it’s kind of light and fun, almost like a coloring book theme and they also needed a Jewish undertone,” Gusby told News 3.

She says she believes putting this project together as community will bring…

“…A sense of togetherness and selflessness and everyone coming together one on accord to do something that’s beneficial for everybody.”

Including the artist herself, as she says art is helping her get through a pretty tough time…

“Given some things that I have gone through in the past month…I did lose my daughter..I had her on February 3rd and she passed. And after that, I just got so much support that I didn’t know I had from so many people…and they were willing to give and they came out and did things for me that I couldn’t possibly have repaid…and I feel like this is not only therapeutic for me, but it kind of spreads that same type of love.”

The type of love that can help a community grow…

“…Like come out and give and do something for somebody else…you might not be able to get anything back–but you’re still bettering the community. So if people can learn to kind of give like that…just selflessly, without expectation, i feel like we’d be in such a better place.”


If you think you’re ready to put your painting skills to the test, volunteers are invited to come help out:

-It’s happening on Sunday, April 10th

-Starting at 9:00 a.m.

-At the Jewish Educational Alliance on 5111 Abercorn Street in Savannah.

-No art expertise required!

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