Bluffton Middle Students Make Music Video

Since the start of the school year the sixth graders at Bluffton Middle school have battled the seventh grade to raise the most money for their school, and they won, raising more than $42,000. Their reward? Their own lip-dub music video.

“I was lucky enough to have the homeroom that raised the most money,so I could see the excitement in their faces when they came in. I got this many more sales, I got this many more sales.and it was just a great thing to see them investing in their schools, because I do think they need to come back to their schools and be part of that community,” said teacher, Kathleen Sanz.

And PTO president, Maria Robertson says this was a different kind of incentive to motivate the kids to raise the much-needed funds.

“Fall fundraiser is typical at all schools, you want to get some money in the til. And I challenged over and above what is typically given out to the students, little gifts here and there, for sell five items. I thought, ‘what can I do to get students excited as a whole student body,” Robertson said.

And students say it was worth the months of hard work.

“It was really fun just to be in it cause its a big confidence booster, and it was fun to show my friends from other schools, that ‘hey I was in a music video it was pretty cool,” Brooke Robertson said.

To see the full video go to

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