Dog from viral maternity photo shoot poses proudly with puppies

anvplayer video=”870377″]

Lilica the pregnant dog from Campo Novo do Parecis in Mato Grosso, Brazil, went viral earlier this month when the internet was obsessed with her maternity photo shoot, done by her human Ana Paula Grillo.


Grillo posted Lilica’s adorable maternity photo shoot on her Facebook page and they were immediately shared around the world. Users thought it was too funny that the photographer took a canine spin on the photo shoot theme popular among expecting mothers. In the photos, Lilica appeared to be posing and smiling at the camera and she had that “pregnancy glow” about her.

Just a day later, Lilica gave birth to her puppies and Grillo took to Facebook to introduce them to the world with a new set of pictures. Lilica, once again proved she’s made to model as she posed proudly with her babies as they took their puppy naps.


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