Wisconsin Gov. Walker endorses Cruz for president

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has officially endorsed Sen. Ted Cruz for President, one week ahead of the state’s April 5 primary.

Walker made the announcement on WTMJ radio’s Charlie Sykes Show Tuesday morning.

Walker called Cruz a “decent man” who loves his family and country.  Walker said the senator would take on “special interests” and he praised Cruz’s tax plan and plan to “rebuild our military.”

Walker told Sykes he will campaign with Sen. Cruz in Wisconsin, but details are not official yet.

The Democratic National Committee released this statement immediately after Walker’s announcement:

“After signing some of the Republican Party’s favorite union-busting, education-slashing policies into law, Gov. Scott Walker earned one of the worst job-creation records in the country. Then he launched a bid for the White House that became the shortest presidential campaign in modern history – lasting just 71 days – after a dismal lack of support forced him to drop out.  Now he’s lending that lack of support to Ted Cruz, a candidate every bit as extreme as Trump, but with the added bonus that he cost the economy $24 billion in a wasteful government shutdown. Fitting.”

Cruz, Donald Trump, and Gov. John Kasich are set to take part in a CNN GOP Town Hall in Milwaukee at 7 p.m. Tuesday.

Trump took to social media Tuesday morning, threatening to drop out of the event.

Democratic candidates Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton have events in Northeast Wisconsin Tuesday.

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