Roy Harris concedes Sheriff’s race to John Wilcher

SAVANNAH, Ga. – Interim Sheriff Roy Harris is conceding the Chatham County Sheriff’s race.

He ran on a platform of reform and change in the Chatham County Sheriff’s Department. Despite winning March’s special election by 2200 votes, Roy Harris wasn’t able to muster nearly enough votes, dropping the runoff by about 4-thousand votes. Harris says he’s still positive about his time in office and his campaign.

“Its very reminiscent of the National scene and its unfortunate that we are living through that. I plan to continue to be positive in all that we do and we will reach out to new voters.”
“Can you even think about legacy and what you have done or tried to do in a short period of time. You also tried to do a lot of things in Sheriff St Lawrence’s memory.”
“I think we’ve made a lot of improvements as the Sheriff’s office. New policies are in place. We have tasers out of the jail, our use of force is down. I’m very proud of what we’ve done there.”

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