Day Three of GSU Practice

Statesboro, GA – Georgia Southern’s football team holds their third day of spring practice, and the intensity is only getting better. Kevin Ellison, a redshirt senior says “You know it’s a little higher tempo. You know coach came in the first day of practice, they wanna go fast. I feel like everyone’s bought on into on offensive and defensive side.” Loud music and hard hits, are some of the things you will find at GSU’s practices. Nardo Govan, who is a redshirt senior says “He’s moving fast paced to get reps to get looks. To understand us better how we play and for us to understand him.” Coaches and players are getting into the groove and its helping with the learning process. Coach Summers’ theme is chaos and fast paced, and he expects his players to keep pushing even when it gets tough. Tyson Summers, head football coach, says “We want them to think when they’re tried. Push when they’re tired and we want to see who leads when they’re tired.” The intensity looks to continue as the football team will have their fourth day of practice on Thursday, March 31st.

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