Retired PA State Trooper killed after shootout, attempted heist

DUBLIN TOWNSHIP, Pa. (WHTM) – Pennsylvania State Police said the suspect in Sunday morning’s toll booth heist was retired PA State Trooper Clarence Briggs, 55. Briggs retired in 2012 and was killed after a shootout with current State Police Troopers.

Officials said retired York City Police Officer Ronald Heist, 72, a private armed guard helping to collect money, was also killed. The toll booth worker killed is Daniel Crouse.

State Police said Briggs interrupted two toll booth employees working and forced them into the office building at gunpoint. Briggs attempted to tie up both employees; Crouse and another unidentified worker. Officials said a struggle ensued and the two employees were able to escape.

At the same time, a fare collection van with armed security guard Ronald Heist pulled up. State Police said Heist and Crouse confronted Briggs who shot and killed them both. Briggs than fired shots at the van’s driver, who was able to escape unharmed. Officials said Briggs jumped in the van and took off toward his car parked a few hundred feet away to a parking lot across SR 522.

While Briggs was unloading the money into his car State Police arrived on scene and confronted Briggs. State Police said an exchange of gunfire ensued and Briggs was shot and killed. The responding Trooper was not hurt.

State Police said Brigg spent 26 years as a PA State Trooper with Troop T in Newville where he also lived.

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