Lightning death this weekend in Louisiana… a look at when most lightning deaths occur

Lightning kills an average of 31 U.S. citizens a year (Image from NOAA).

A woman died and two others were hospitalized after being struck by lightning at a music festival in Louisiana Friday.

The women were inside a tent during the storm in in Larose, Louisiana.

Jacqui Stavis was knocked unresponsive when the tent was hit by lightning. She was hospitalized and died the next morning.

The other women were struck and transported to nearby hospitals with injuries from the electric shock.

The woman killed  is the 1st United States lightning death in March in 4 years (last death in 2012).

Information above from NBC News

For the 10 year period ending last year (2006-2015)…. an average of 31 U.S residents have been struck and killed by lightning.

Here is a breakdown by month of the average lightning fatalities (2006-2015) in the U.S.

January… 0

February… 0

March… 0

April… 1

May… 3

June… 7

July… 10

August… 5

September… 3

October… 1

November… 0

December… 0

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