Alcohol banned at Panama City Beach

PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WIAT) — No alcohol allowed on the beach. That’s according to a new city ordinance in Panama City. It’s making a big impact on the crowds and beaches.

Panama City beach is known as a spring break destination. Thousands of students flock to the Florida coast from all over the country. This year, no alcohol is allowed on the beach. It has definitely reduced the number of spring breakers.

Steven Alford, a local resident, tells us that this new ban is a good thing for PCB, “It’s a tremendous drop in population, crime wise, money wise, it’s dropped as well but hey it’s a great thing for the locals to have more kind of priority over the beaches instead of tourists coming through and doing stupid crimes and drinking on the beach way too much.”

Many businesses and clubs in PCB are feeling the crunch. Club La Vela, one of the well-known clubs on the beach, says they haven’t been at capacity all spring break.

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