UPDATE: Effingham Deputy stabbed serving warrant that family of suspect requested

EFFINGHAM COUNTY, Ga. – An Effingham County Deputy was stabbed Friday afternoon.  It happened around after 1 at a home on Highway 21.

Officials say Sgt. Danny Harrington was severing a 10-13 court order to 23-year-old Franklin Johnson when Johnson attacked him.  A 10-13 requires transfer of a mental patient to a hospital.

“Apparently when the officers came here he came out with a knife and started cutting the officers, a struggle ensued,” says Sheriff Jimmy McDuffie.

That struggle was between twenty three year old Franklin Johnson and multiple sheriff’s deputies. Sergeant Harrington and Johnson were seriously injured and lifted to Memorial medical.

“I don’t think they were expecting to happen what happened,” the Sheriff adds.

Sheriff McDuffie says the situation was not handled the way deputies and the department normally see.

“For some reason with this man, it did not turn out as well as we hoped.”

The family tells News 3 they requested a judge issue a warrant for deputies to take Johnson to the hospital for help. They say he was dealing with possible hallucinations before deputies got there. Now the call for help ended with both Johnson and Harrington suffering serious injuries.

The sheriff says these types of calls are routine and normally uneventful.

“We’ve probably done this year, this is march, we’ve fifteen or eighteen of these things and haven’t had a minutes problem, everybody wanted to go. for some reason something triggered this young man and he came out swinging a knife. It’s not a common thing that you see”.


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