St. Patrick’s Day Celebration Highlights: Hilton Head Island Parade

HILTON HEAD ISLAND, S.C. (WSAV) – Our weekend coverage of St. Patrick’s Day celebrations across the coastal empire and Lowcountry continues as islanders on Hilton Head feel the luck of the Irish.

“It is a community event that all the different organizations participate, the school and the bands everyone is part of it,” says parade Grand Marshal Betsy Doughty.

The Hilton Head Island community came out strong to celebrate St. Patrick’s day along Pope Avenue. The parade this year was estimated to have nearly 35,000 people lining the street.

“It’s gotten bigger, it’s gotten better more people are here. last year I think they set a record for the most attendance and everything about it more people are involved, the community is involved it’s a wonderful thing for the community,” sasy 2010 Grand Marshal Charles Perry.

Even with the major growth, families still come out for the traditional family friendly Sunday event.

“We can’t compete with Savannah but it is pretty close and my favorite memories are just as a mother now with the kids more so than when I was without kids because that’s a whole separate section of the parade but this, this is the way I like it right here,” says Jennifer Henchy who has sat street side to watch the parade for more 15 years.

For islanders each year more visitors may come, but the tradition of keeping the parade a family event is what will keep them coming for the generations ahead.

“This is an island this is our island, this is our family and everyone else has the same traditions when we come here,” Henchy adds.

If you would like to see some more cool images and video from the parade earlier today we have a full gallery you can visit to see more of the Hilton Head Island St. Patrick’s Day Parade.


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