Survey: Increasing skills gap vs. college degrees earned

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP)– College students have a lot to think about as they inch closer to the working world.

“I think salary is part of the equation, but I also think the fulfillment of what your position can give you.”  Ryan Carrie, a Springfield College student, told 22News

Jordan Karns, also a student at Springfield College, said, “Some people I’ve talked to say they sort of need to get a job right away and I understand that.  There’s also people who say they are going to go to grad school, try to get more degrees, to try and get a job quicker.”

Now, new research by career builder dot com argues the kind of college degrees students choose are often not in line with the kinds of industries that have large numbers of job openings.

The survey reveals computer and information sciences, nursing, and pharmaceutical sciences have the largest skills gap.  In just computer sciences alone, there were nearly 700,000 job postings in the last year, but less than 160,000 college degrees earned in the field.

Career advisors at Springfield College told 22News there’s no one size fits all when it comes to choosing a degree or a career path

“A degree doesn’t always mean that it is final, meaning that’s the only place that you have to go work.  You might get a degree, for example, in psychology, but you could go work in a social service agency, you could work in a business, you could work in a school system,” Jeanette Doyle, Director of Springfield College’s Career Center, said.

She also told 22news, they encourage students to focus on a field of study that would satisfy them personally and one they could be happy doing for work every day.

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