South Carolina severe weather and flood safety awareness week is March 6-12

South Carolina Severe Weather and Flood Safety Awareness Week begins tomorrow (Sunday… March 6) and runs through this Saturday… March 12.

WSAV and Storm Team 3 want to encourage people to take safety precautions during times when severe thunderstorms… tornadoes and flash floods impact the Low Country.

For more on preparation for severe weather… visit

To practice… A statewide tornado drill in South Carolina will take place this Wenesday, March 9, at 9 a.m.

At the time of the drill… the National Weather Service will use a real-event code, TOR on weather radios.  This means tone-alert weather radios that are set to receive tornado warnings will activate broadcast the exercise message.

The drill is for the public and schools to test their tornado safety plans and communication systems. It is important to have tornado safety procedures in place and to ensure you have a safe location to go to in the event of a tornado occurring.

Do you have a weather question? Drop me a line at Also… follow me on Facebook at and Twitter at @LeeHaywood_WSAV.

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