WeatherWise Kids: Why does each season have it’s own weather?

Aariyana’s question: Why does each season have its own weather? Meteorologist Lee Haywood has the answer for you.

Aariyana, all our seasonal weather changes lead back to one fundamental idea, Earth isn’t straight up and down. It’s tilted and this leads to a difference in how much sun we get throughout the year. For example, during summer in the northern hemisphere… the sun’s rays hit at a high angle. This means we get more sunshine and there is more energy from the sun. That’s why it gets so hot during the summer.

With these hot temperatures less cold air is available up north to push south into our area. When it gets hot we also tend to see more thunderstorms and hurricnes can form over the Atlantic Ocean. During our winter, the sun’s rays hit the Earth at a shallow angle meaning we see less sunshine. There’s less energy and our days are shorter, that’s why it’s colder.

This colder air also comes from areas way up north like Canada and even the Arctic. Also, rain storms coming in from the west are more frequent. During spring and fall, we are kind of caught in between. Our days and nights are more equal usually nothing too hot and nothing too cold.

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