School bus accident in Bulloch County leaves one dead

Hayley Greene with Bulloch County Schools (BCS) has informed us that at 3:30 Thursday afternoon a vehicle hit the back of one of BCS’s special needs buses while the bus was stopped and letting off students.

The crash was on U.S. Hwy 25 near Jenkins County Line. There were four students and the driver aboard the bus and since none of the children were in wheelchairs they were able to walk and leave the bus on their own.

Although the bus driver had taken the necessary precautions with the safety lights and stop sign, the compact vehicle still hit the rear when the driver was about to let two students off.

An uncle of one of the children leaving the bus caught the child who fell from the bus from the impact. EMS and law enforcement were on the scene and no students were injured. The bus driver and compact car driver, however, did sustain injuries. The driver was airlifted from the scene and the passenger in the car died.

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