High-speed internet on the way for Savannah businesses

A new multi-million dollar project could provide a big boost to Savannah businesses; Comcast has announced they’re going to be bringing lightning fast internet speeds for companies in the Hostess City by the end of 2016.

Downtown Savannah is a tricky place for many businesses today, while many are growing with the city, some are struggling to keep up because of internet dead zones.

“It’s been a nightmare really, I mean it’s the most stressful part of having this business,” said Jennifer Jenkins, owner of The Coffee Fox on Broughton Street.

The Coffee Fox is one of many businesses in that area that has constant issues with internet.

Jenkins told News 3 when she started the coffee shop a few years ago, Comcast told her it would cost $40,000 to set up high-speed service, because cable hadn’t been laid on her block yet.  So instead, she went with a different provider, which she said has been nothing but a headache.

“We’ll rely on wifi and then that’ll crash, there have been times where we haven’t had a phone or internet service for days on end,” said Jenkins. “It frustrates me because I know customers don’t know what we’re struggling with on the back end so it just looks like we are not on top of our technology.”

Comcast’s new plan would build a new fiber optic network that would bring Savannah businesses 10 gigabit per second internet speeds.

To give you an idea of just how fast that is, the average Comcast customer in Savannah gets download speeds of 105 megabits per second at their home. Those speeds would theoretically let you download an average high definition movie in about 5 minutes. But the internet Comcast is looking to bring Savannah businesses will be 100x faster than that.

“Our investment reflects what we believe is a really strong, robust business community in Savannah,” said Comcast VP of Communications, Alex Horwitz.

The Coffee Fox has recently made a deal with Seimitsu to get high-speed internet in the next couple of months, but Jenkins said for her neighbors, the Comcast plan is a very big deal.

Comcast believes they’ll be starting the project by the 3rd quarter of 2016.

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