Twin Bluffton girls train to join Marine Corps

Twin Bluffton girls plan to join Marine Corps

Bluffton, SC (WSAV) – There’s something about both physical and mental challenges that attract a pair of twins from Bluffton high school. The girls run track, they’re on the honor roll, but the seniors are ready for something more. With their high grades and athletic ability, Brynnan and Teagan Fredericks could have secured a spot at a good college and maybe even run track there. But their desire to do something bigger–something far past themselves- won. And now it’s all about achieving the goal.

They’ve been at each other’s side since the day they were born and so it’s fitting they’re doubling up for the heaviest weight they’ll bear yet. “We do everything together,” Brynnan Fredericks said. “We have the same friends- we play the same sports- we drive around together, so I figured it would be better if we go to boot camp together,” she added. The 17-year-old twin sisters are seniors at Bluffton High School. Standouts on the track team, the duo decided their next challenge is joining the Marine Corps.

It’s a choice sparked by an example set from their older brother. “When we saw our brother go in we realized we’re going to be doing something big,” Brynnan said. But following his footsteps isn’t easy. The girls are pushing themselves every day, prepping for boot camp at Parris Island coming up this Summer. “I plan on staying in the Marine Corps a long time,” Teagan Fredericks said.
Staff Sergeant Thomas Daley said while they are seeing more females enlist, women are still a minority. They make up about 20% of those coming through.

Even more rare: sisters—who are twins…a trait he thinks will take them even far. “It’s a very, very, unique experience because when you train one the other one’s going to push the other one harder and they’re going to be competitive in everything they do,” Daley said. The twins admit they started out with a plan to separate on their journey into the Marine Corps. Just a few days in, though, they realized they do better when they’re together.

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