Oombrella: The Smart Umbrella You’ll Never Forget

The umbrella that warns you of rain 30 minutes in advance.


We’ve all been there… even me who predicts the weather for a living.  We walk out of the house without the needed rain gear.

Well, one company says this doesn’t ever have to happen again.

Check out the ‘Oombrella.’  The latest umbrella that sends you a reminder if you mistakenly leave it behind, and it warns you when rain is coming.  It’s called the world’s first ‘smart and connected’ umbrella, using sensors from collected data and from social media.

This is how it works.  So check out the reflective multi-colored look.  This is where there are built-in sensors to record light, humidity and temperature.  All of the data is collected and analyzed before it’s sent to your smart phone.

There’s even a built-in GPS tracker in case you leave it behind.


It is, however, a little pricey.  The cost is $86, and it will ship globally.

The company who designed the Oombrella is a French-based company called Wezzoo.

Here is a link to the companies youtube link…  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HDJ7bz9GN0s

(source:  Wezzoo)


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