El Nino brings satellite derived warmest global temperatures on record

Satellite temperature record since 1979 (UAH)

Take a look at this… newly analyzed global satellite data shows monthly global temperatures for February 2016 were the highest on record (which date back to 1979)… according to information from the University of Alabama at Huntsville.

The data shows a 1.5°F warming last month compared to a 1981-2010 baseline in the lowest part of the atmosphere.

And amazingly… February was also more than half a degree Fahrenheit warmer than January.

The primary reason for this very large jump for the first two months of 2016… the strongest El Nino on record in the tropical Pacific.

The warm waters from the El Nino eventually warm the atmosphere above… and this is showing up on the satellite temperatures as a significant spike.

The spike should level off and then drop as the El Nino weakens and eventually works back into a neutral phase.

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