Summer 500 program to offer paid jobs to rising Savannah seniors

Mayor Eddie DeLoach announced a program that will provide 500 rising seniors with summer jobs.

Savannah, GA (WSAV) – Summer jobs can be hard to come by for teens. The youth lack experience and only have a couple months of full-time hours to offer before it’s back to the books. But this summer could be different for 500 rising high school seniors. Savannah Mayor Eddie DeLoach announced Wednesday a program that will pay 500 rising seniors at least 8 dollars an hour this summer to get hands-on experience in professions that interest them. It’s an internship created to be a win-win for employer and teens.

Taylor Cobin’s caught on to the fact success doesn’t happen overnight. Like keeping in tune on the clarinet he plays for Savannah Arts Academy, its takes practice and a lot of it. That’s why he likes the sound of the opportunity DeLoach announced Wednesday.
Starting his summer, 500 rising seniors from public and private schools will have the chance at a 32-hour work week in the field they aspire to join after school.

“I’m thinking about majoring in the field of business administration with a focus in finance,” Cobin said. For Cobin, it could be a retail or technology opening he’ll fill. For others there will be spots in landscaping and education. Besides getting their hands dirty- the program includes a soft-skills training aspect, too.

“Eight hours every Friday these kids get to spend with a character life lessons coach,” Envirovac CEO Kevin Jackson said. “Teaching them soft skills, how to communicate, how to interview, teaching them how to dress properly- this is a big step for us,” he said. Like most after people a job, Cobin is thrilled at the sound of Summer cash.

“It would mean a lot,” Cobin said. “I can actually get some money in before I get to college and save up on a lot,” he said.

But equally exciting is the idea of getting a head start on a career path -a chance teens rarely get.

“They look over us and think we won’t do it for long,” Cobin added.

The internship will be available to 500 rising seniors from both public and private schools. It takes place over a nine week period.
Interested students can apply by visiting The site includes the employer info sheet and application, the student requirements and more. The students will be selected on a lottery system.

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