Holmes plans re-run for sheriff in November

Col. Holmes concedes special election and plans for a re-run for sheriff in general election in November

(SAVANNAH) Super Tuesday started out as the perfect evening for Colonel McArthur Holmes and his supporters as the first numbers came in for the race for Chatham County Sheriff. Dozens of people gathered in the 3rd floor ballroom of the historic McElvey-Powell building on MLK Boulevard in Savannah to watch the results come in. Around 8:30p.m. the crowd erupted when the first returns posted, showing Holmes with a lead in the five candidate field. That excitement faded as new numbers began posting and Holmes lead faded. By the end of the evening, Holmes had just under twenty percent of the vote, not enough to win the office or even a place in a run-off. Holmes says it’s a setback, not a defeat. He tells WSAV the end of the special election is not the end of his campaign in 2016. ” I think that we still have a great opportunity in the general election to pull it off and we’re gonna go back and look at the numbers, look at where we came up short, look at our strong points and then we’re gonna move forward.” Holmes said. He plans to move forward by filing to run for Chatham County sheriff in the general election in November.

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