“Meteorological” spring is just around the corner!

Meteorological spring begins March 1.

Sunday… March 20… is the beginning of spring on the calendar… the spring equinox.

However… in the weather world… spring starts Tuesday… March 1.

So why the difference? The astronomical seasons are based on the Earth’s position in relation to the sun… while the weather seasons focus on the temperature cycle.

So here are the “meteorological seasons”… spring runs March, April, and May… summer is June, July, and August… fall is September, October, and November… and winter includes December, January, and February.

A few things to note about the next three weeks or so…….

Tuesday… March 1… Meteorological Spring begins in the northern hemisphere

Sunday… March 13 at 2am… We move our clocks forward an hour (eastern daylight time begins)

Sunday… March 20 at 12:30am… spring equinox (official calendar start to spring)

Do you have a weather question? Drop me a line at fhaywood@wsav.com. Also… follow me on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/WSAV-Meteorologist-Lee-Haywood-206886219344080/?fref=ts and Twitter at @LeeHaywood_WSAV.


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