Sanders Supporters Rally Through Savannah, Take tough SC Primary Loss

SAVANNAH, GA (WSAV-TV) – With Super Tuesday just a couple of days away here in Georgia. Supporters of both candidates made some noise in Savannah Saturday.

Saturday morning a handful of Hillary Clinton supports set up in Forsyth park. However, it was ralliers for Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders though that took their message from the park to city market pushing for voters to turnout.

“We’re not supposed to be a government of the people by the people for the corporations and the rich people and that’s why i really really like Bernie Sanders because he puts his money where his mouth is,” says Meghan Powers.

Sanders is the only democratic candidate who has visited the coastal empire during his presidential campaign, but he trails secretary Hillary Clinton in Georgia as well as nearly every southern state voting on Super Tuesday .

“Hopefully people will walk by and wonder who’s that Bernie guy maybe I should go look at his website so hopefully people will learn about him and learn that he is the right choice for Savannah,” says supporter Alys Spillman.

Supporters are walking tall through downtown Savannah wanting voters to “Feel the Bern”.

“He gives a voice to people who don’t usually have a voice in politics and it helps our democracy function better,” Spillman adds.

“He has a plan to fix what is wrong with this country which is the income inequality.”

Powers is one of the nearly hundred ralliers who walked from Forsyth park to Ellis square. She like many of the volunteers have been supporters of sanders for years and hope his run for president will enlighten younger generations.

“I can give my son that experience first and and say ‘this is what happens when you’re a part of the process and it’s a lesson that he just can’t learn anywhere else.”

The large turnout was not mirrored in South Carolina as Bernia Sanders supporters lost in a landslide primary election to Sec. Clinton. Heading into the Tuesday primary, Sanders trails Clinton in Georgia by more than 35%.

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