Clinton Supporters Stump in SC

Some in Beaufort County were doing their part to help get Hillary Clinton the victory today.
Judy Waters’ house has been turned into Clinton campaign headquarters, and she’s happy to help Hillary get the nod from South Carolina.

“Its a very critical election to me. We’ve made phone calls, we’ve been canvassing, we’ve been out stuck in the mud,up to the top of our wheels, but we have really put some effort into it, and we want Hillary to win,” she said.

For over a month volunteers have called, even going door-to-door to get out the vote–stumping for the Secretary, doing everything they can to help. Sister volunteers, Mary Pat Kelly and Mickey Murray say they’ve had a blast.

“We just got very involved, really loved everybody.Its been heartwarming, going out into the community and seeing all the support and how lovely everyone’s been, how receptive,” Murray said.

And today, they got to reap the rewards of their hard work.

“Today, people are telling us proudly that they voted, so we kind of felt the whole arc of the campaign, the beginning the calls, the canvassing, and then today everyone saying they voted,” Kelly said.

For Waters, her hard work doesn’t end here….

“After this I’m on my way to Georgia, after Georgia I’ll be on my way to North Carolina, I wanted to make sure I’m doing everything I can to get her elected wherever we go.”

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