Need to Know: Nasty, moldy sippy cups could be in your cabinet

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A Canadian mother’s Facebook post is going viral after her friend found mold hiding inside the plug of her child’s sippy cup, and now, parents all over are worried about their own children’s health.

Mary Hendrix, a mother of two, said she saw the post and immediately thought of her daughters. “I mean I think it’s pretty important, I know that mold can make people sick,” she said.

The cups in the pictures are from the brand Tommee Tippee, but the mold problem isn’t just with that brand. News 3 found mold in the plugs of several other kinds of sippy cups that looked clean at first glance.

In fact, just using a dishwasher to wash your child’s lids isn’t enough. Companies recommend removing all of the pieces and cleaning them individually. There are even brushes you can buy at children’s stores specifically made to get into the hard-to-reach spots.

Tommee Tippee has apologized for the issues and is offering parents a new, see-through plug that makes unwanted dirt and grim easier to notice. They’ve also posted videos showing exactly how to clean their cups and are offering to ship the new, clear plugs to concerned parents for free.






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