Ten displaced after fire in Battery Point on Whitemarsh Island

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WHITEMARSH ISLAND, Ga. – Four houses caught fire on Redan Drive in Battery Point Thursday afternoon, leaving 10 people displaced.  The fires are out, but firefighters are checking for hot-spots.  Two homes are destroyed and the other two had moderate to severe damage.

Captain John Best from SCMPD says the fire broke out about 2:15pm on Redan Drive off of Mapmaker Lane.

Four houses are involved.  An SCMPD officer lives nearby and responded to the fire before emergency crews.   Two officers including Captain Best. broke down door to get inside one of the homes to save two cats.

One person, who was not inside but did live in one of the homes, had to be transported to the hospital with chest pains.

Another woman who lived in one of homes got her two kids and dog out safely. One dog did not make it out.

Fire officials say wind is a huge factor in fire spreading.  School buses are taking alternate routes, so some students may get home later than usual.  We will continue to bring you updates throughout the evening.

Officials are also looking a Hispanic man who alerted the residents of the fire possibly saving the life of a man and his daughter.


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