Torrey Scott Attorney Argues No Evidence Points Him to Murder

Mistrial motion entered and denied as murder/rape trial starts for Torrey Scott

Savannah, GA (WSAV) – Thursday it was all about the evidence—and whether any of it puts Torrey Scott at the scene of Lisa  Pynn’s murder. This is week two of the trial for the man charged with the rape and murder of the Port Wentworth woman. He’s also accused of raping three other women, but Thursday’s testimony centered on Lisa Pynn’s death.

Two DNA experts and the lead detective were the first to take the stand.  Brian Phinney, who was the lead detective on the case with the Port Wentworth Police Department, talked about what he found around Lisa Pynn’s body and throughout her home. Torrey Scott’s DNA could not be excluded as a match for swabs taken from Lisa Pynn’s neck or on a cigarette found inside the house, according to the DNA expert. But they testified there was no solid conclusion, .just saying a neighbor was ruled out.

Still, after all, the evidence collected, the defense made it clear none of it directly pointed the finger at the defendant. “Not withstanding this DNA evidence, that somebody’s testified to, you don’t have any physical evidence whatsoever that places Mr. Scott in that house do you? ,” Defense Attorney Richard Darden asked. “With the exception of DNA evidence , I do not,” Detective Phinney said.

Throughout this trial it’s been said how immaculate Lisa Pynn kept her home—and how strict she was about not smoking or disposing cigarettes inside. The fact a cigarette butt was found in the kitchen trashcan was odd…and so was the fact it had bite marks on it, Phinney noted. The trial continues Friday and is expected to last through next week.

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