Chatham County Sheriff’s Candidates Discuss Taser Use in Jails

Voters talk about jail controversies and the role they played in their decision for Sheriff

Round two for candidates hoping to become the next Chatham County Sheriff.  The Savannah and NAACP  hosted a political forum tonight at Greater Gaines Chapel Church. Neighbors asked some tough questions including what the candidates thoughts about taser use in the jail. You may remember the use of tasers was controversial following the death of Chatham County inmate Mathew Ajibade. This is what they had to say.

Kim Middleton: “Tasers will be banned in the Chatham Sheriff’s Department inside the jail, and the deputies on the streets will have to receive extreme training in order to carry one on the streets.”

Ken Williamson: “They can be a good tool or they can be a bad tool just like anything else.  I would much rather somebody be tased than beat with a nightstick.”

Jim Wilcher: “I think it’s a vital tool a lot of people don’t like it, but I think it’s a tool we need in the jail and on the street.”

Roy Harris: “Folks every now and then we have to lay hands on somebody to deal with the because they’re just not gonna follow the rules.  They’re a danger to the inmates and they’re a danger to our staff.”

Col. McArthur Holmes: “How tasers got out of hand is because people started misusing and they starting misusing and they started abusing the use of the tasers themselves.”

The special election for Chatham County Sheriff is March 1st.


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