Gov. Jeb Bush optimistic ahead of South Carolina Primary

UPDATE: A new poll conducted by NBC just released reflects Ted Cruz now slightly ahead of Donald Trump, with 28% of the vote, Trump at 26%. The poll places Jeb Bush last, with 4%.


With just days left until the South Carolina Republican Presidential Primary, more candidates made stops throughout the Lowcountry on Wednesday. Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush returned to campaign, holding a town hall in Beaufort. He sat down with NEWS 3 for a one-on-one interview, discussing the “First in the South” election and what it could mean for his campaign.

“Doing better than expected is important,” Gov. Bush said on the upcoming primary. “Right now, Donald Trump is the front-running candidate. You need 1200 delegates to win. He’s got 16 or 18. I’ve got 4.”

Donald Trump has held his lead in the polls. But can a Trump win be stopped?

“As people get grounded in the reality of what we’re doing, electing a president, I feel confident that people will move our way,” Bush said.

The night before Bush’s Beaufort town hall, Trump also visited and held his own town hall, which packed Beaufort High School. His supporters have been labeled “fervent.”

Trump also took a jab at Bush, calling him “low energy” in the Tuesday night town hall.

“I’ve got more energy than he does. I’ve campaigned 16 hours a day. He just repeats things over and over again, it doesn’t have to be true,” Bush says.  “We don’t need someone who says outrageous things that would send a signal of instability around the world.”

Bush spoke to an audience of about 150 people on building the military, balancing the budget, foreign policy and defeating ISIS, but also on Second Amendment rights. Hours before the appearance, he tweeted a picture of his own handgun, with the caption reading “America.”

“I think the demise, the death of Antonin Scalia calls into question whether the Second Amendment’s going to survive if Barack Obama has an appointment, and I think it should,” he said.

Ultimately, he hopes South Carolinians can turn the tide this Saturday. He says voters have been good to his family in the past.

“It’s been pretty good for George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush in 1988 and certainly 2000,” he said.

Bush says he is in the race for the long haul, heading on to Nevada on Sunday morning.

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