Ted Cruz Preaches at Beaufort Church

BEAUFORT, S.C – It was not a day a rest for the Ted Cruz campaign as he talked religion in politics for nearly an hour at Community Bible Church outside of Beaufort. It’s a message to evangelicals Cruz hopes will push them to the polls.

“What happens in six days on February 20th in South Carolina will change the course of history,” says Cruz.

It now marks less than a week before low country voters head into the GOP primary.

“If Christians rise up and take it as our civic responsibility to go and vote our values this entire country will change,” Cruz claims in front of hundreds of church members.

The Beaufort congregation is one of the first to see a presidential candidate this election season take to the pulpit to preach principles heading into the polls.

“For somebody like him to take time out of his busy schedule and to give us his time of day and it kind of shows that he is just a regular person,” says churchgoer William Kirsey

Cruz continued his message that with justice Scalia’s death the nomination of a new Supreme Court justice will be critical to the christian values of church members.

“One more liberal justice and we will see our religious liberty fundamentally undermined,” says Cruz.

His message also brought in voters from out of town to see the Iowa caucus winner.

“We’re more impressed with him today than we have ever been,” says Claude Kittredge.

With other GOP candidates sweeping through the South Carolina low country leading up to the Saturday primary, this Sunday sermon reached a large audience of the up for grabs evangelical vote.

“I haven’t made a decision yet I’m an independent so i haven’t made a decision if the vote were today, i’d vote for him today,” says church deacon Aubrey Burton.

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