VIDEO: Student Violently Attacked at Johnson High School, Parents of Both Teens React

UPDATE: SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – A brutal beating in a Johnson High School classroom is caught on camera and now the mother of the girl who was attacked is speaking out.

“She had a head injury behind her right ear as well as she has a splint on her arm, she has a sprained wrist,” said Deanna Grant-Johnson, whose 14-year-old daughter Checobia Hurst is the girl in the video.

Laron Gray and Checobia Hurst fight at Johnson High School

Deanna said the incident happened on Wednesday, February 10th.

The clip starts with a boy, violently punching Checobia while she’s sitting in her desk before throwing her to the ground and continuing to punch her.

The attack is vicious, a classmate films while a girl is heard in the background screaming, “Get him off! Get him off!”

But there are two sides to every story.

“I’ve never seen my son react that way,” said the boy’s mother, Rhonda Gray. “When I saw that video, I don’t know who my son is in that video so I know something really must have ticked him off to jump on the little girl the way he did.”

Rhonda tells News 3 her son was bullied by Checobia and other students for several days leading up to the fight.

“When you constantly bullying and bullying and bullying a person a persons going to get enraged and that’s what happened to him because I’ve never seen my child act this way,” she said.

Rhonda said the last straw was when Checobia called her son names using homophobic slurs after someone threw a paper ball at him.

But Deanna believes that’s still no reason to respond so intensely.

Two boys fight in parking lot of Johnson High
Two boys fight in parking lot of Johnson High

“If she was teasing him, nobody deserves to be bullied, that scars people it causes suicides, it has long-term effects on their life,” said Deanna. “[But] I still cannot say she deserved to be beaten like that.”

Rhonda tells News 3 the day of the fight, Deanna lashed out through posts on social media and through a message on text message, even threatening her son’s life at one point.

That video is just the latest of six videos that have been sent to News 3, all allegedly filmed at Johnson High.

The school district has confirmed three of them did happen at the school, we’re still waiting to hear back about the rest.

As for this video, both parents agree, the teachers should have stepped in long before it escalated.

“The fact of the matter is we send our kids there for an education, they are to protect our kids while they’re there,” said Deanna. “If you cannot manage your class you do not need to be a teacher.”


A local mom sent News 3 a video of a violent attack on her daughter at Johnson High School.

The disturbing video shows a boy throwing a girl to the ground and beating her repeatedly.  Tonight, only on WSAV News 3, hear from the parent of the girl involved.

This is just one of six school fight videos sent to News 3 this week.  The parent who sent them said all were posted to social media.  Officials have confirmed that three took place at Johnson High.  Officials say students were disciplined in those three fights, and released the following statement:

“The Savannah-Chatham County Public School System does not condone violence toward others and expects all students to model good behavior supportive of a positive learning environment.  The isolated video incidents do not represent the quality learning that takes place each day at Johnson High School and are completely unrelated.  The school has taken action in each case. The February 10 incident is being thoroughly investigated. Appropriate charges will be filed against the aggressor and the appropriate administrative action has been taken.”


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