John Kasich holds campaign rally in Sun City

As many South Carolinians anticipate the ‘First in the South’ Republican Presidential Primary on Saturday, February 20, some Lowcountry residents had the chance to hear from several candidates this week.

First, Jeb Bush stopped through Sun City, followed by Marco Rubio, and finally, John Kasich held a rally at the Pavilion on Friday evening.

“I’m looking at America, and I see the horizon and that sun, it’s still coming up,” Ohio Governor John Kasich said. “Thank God we’re Americans, right folks?”

Kasich credited his placing second in the New Hampshire primary to having a “positive” campaign, taking few jabs at other candidates.

On his time in Congress, he boasted over balancing the budget, which he says would be one of his top priorities as President. Other focuses, he says, would be paying-off debt and creating jobs.

The anti-big-government candidate says he would ship powers down to local governments, too.

On Super PACs criticizing him: “You know, I am sick of negative campaigning. In New Hampshire…you know, they’re running against me, running that stuff against me. They did it in New Hampshire, and on election night, and by the light, we overcame the darkness over negative campaigning in New Hampshire and in case you didn’t notice, we did pretty darn well!”

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