What Exactly is Wind Chill?

You may already know that when meteorologists talk about the windchill we’re talking about what the temperatures actually feels like.

But how do we get that information? We use a wind chill chart produced by the National Weather Service. You see the actually math behind the wind chill chart listed near the bottom of the chart where T is temperatures and V is velocity. It’s obviously a huge time saver to just glance at the chart and skip the calculator.


By knowing the actually air temperature, plus the current wind speed, we can tell you what it will feel like on bare skin. This is especially important when it becomes very cold (generally in other climates to our north) and frostbite could become an issue. You’ll notice the frostbite times are listed on the bottom of the chart. Sometimes you’ll also notice a huge difference between temperature and wind chill value, you’ll probably want to know before you step outside to put on a few more layers.

In our area, Wind Chill Advisories are issued if the wind chill is expected to be 15° at the coast or 10° inland. This is just an extra reminder from the National Weather Service to dress very warm as your head outside and protect your skin. It’s one of the things you’ll see scrolling across your screen.

If you have any questions about wind chill, or anything else about the weather, you can find me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MeteorologistJessicaConley/ on Twitter: @MeteoroloJess or email me: jconley@wsav.com

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