Jeb Bush campaigns in Sun City, Hilton Head

South Carolina voters are next to choose which Republican presidential candidate gets the nomination, as multiple candidates campaign through Beaufort County. Jeb Bush stopped in Sun City on Wednesday morning, drawing a crowd of hundreds.

After placing fourth in the New Hampshire, Jeb Bush begins his bus tour in South Carolina. He spoke in a rally the Pavilion in Sun City in his first stop on the South Carolina bus tour.

“In order to win South Carolina, all of these Republican candidates have to win our vote. We have over 15,000 people here and we all vote,” Sun City  resident Ross Glatzer says.

Glatzer is one who says he is still undecided on who to vote for in the primary on February 20. “Washington is an entrenched model that eats people alive,” he says.

“I’m a Republican. I want to win. The Democrats are going to be all over this,” Sun City resident Paul Tagler says. Tagler is another undecided voter.

Tagler and Glatzer hoped to hear Bush’s national security plans on Wednesday. It was one focus of his speech.

“We need a president that has a steady hand, that knows that the military need to be rebuilt. My commitment to you is that we’ll end the sequester, we’ll rebuild the military. We’ll provide the training and support for the greatest fighting force known to man,” Bush said. “We’ll reduce the number of deployments and we’ll train and equip our military not to use as the world’s policemen but to use it in a way to keep the peace.”

With Bush came Senator Lindsey Graham, who ran for president himself but dropped out. Endorsing Bush, Graham took jabs at President Obama and Donald Trump.

“We can’t replace incompetence with crazy,” Graham said.

By Wednesday night, the race had narrowed even more; Carly Fiorina and Chris Christie dropped out.

There will be more candidates stopping in Beaufort County. Thursday morning at 8:30, Marco Rubio will be at Magnolia Hall at Sun City. On Friday at 4:30 p.m., John Kasich will be at the Pavilion in Sun City .On Sunday, February 14, Ted Cruz will preach at the Community Bible Church in Port Royal at 11 a.m.

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