Chatham County Seizes 600 lbs of Drugs Over Past Year

Chatham County drug bust gets more than 600 lbs of drugs over past year.

Chatham Co., Ga. (WSAV) – More than 600 pounds of drugs bypassed Chatham County streets and are headed straight for destruction.
It’s the third seizure of this size in two and a half years—but what investigators are finding is starting to change. The Chatham County Sheriff can’t say exactly where all the drugs were headed, but there’s no doubt, he said, it was somewhere around our region.
Those who live in areas where drugs have been a problem are welcoming the news that at least that much doesn’t have a chance of getting close to their neighborhood.
In her 15 years living along Augusta Avenue, Gloria Boyce has witnessed the ways drugs can rip apart hopes and dreams of those who choose the wrong path.
“You can’t explain it,” Boyce said. “It just tears everybody up. Believe me when I say that.”
When News 3 told her about more than 600 pounds of marijuana and other drugs that the Chatham County Criminal Interdiction Unit tracked down, she couldn’t help but wonder if it’s her own street that has been spared.
“That’s a blessing. That is a blessing. Because there are too many young folks out here getting into the wrong kind of trouble,” Boyce said.
Seizures like this are nothing new, in fact in the past three years, investigators have collected around 600 pounds three times before destroying it.
But Deputy Charles Guyer said what is changing is how the drugs are getting here.
Dealers are breaking the marijuana down into a liquid form, making it stronger and easier to conceal.
“They’ll put it in the vapor cigarettes; you can be out in public and it looks like someone is just smoking a regular e-cigarette, the actual oil in it is liquid THC,” Guyer said.
Chatham County SO is spreading out to bus, hotel, maritime and airport interdiction, covering more ground, preventing more crime. The sheriff said Wednesday that they’re working closely with the Coast Guard and frequently checking containers out at the port.
It’s tedious and isn’t always fruitful, investigators said, but just recently they got 16 pounds out of a container.

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