New Hampshire Primary Begins, Some Votes Already In

New Hampshire voters will hit the polls today in the first primary of the 2016 election season.

In fact, some votes are already in. A handful of towns — as part of a special 100-year-long tradition — were ready to go, with completed ballots in hand, at the stroke of midnight Tuesday. Members of the towns celebrated the 100th voting anniversary well into this morning.

Experts say we can expect the Republican candidates to dwindle down again, as they did after the Iowa caucuses. Many looking to Christie and Kasich, but others say that a Kasich “surge” could reshape the race.

On the Democratic side, Bernie Sanders is expected to win, but Hillary Clinton will still have strong support in the other primary states. This is also important because the undecided voters in Massachusetts may be convinced by the candidates that come out of New Hampshire on top.


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