Local Hospital Educates Public on Zika Danger

With mosquito season quickly approaching we can definitely stand to learn more about Zika Virus.
A local hospital is increasing its efforts to educate the public.
Symptoms of Zika include fever, headache, conjunctivitis, joint & muscle pain, & rash.
Zika virus is not transmitted from person to person except in rare cases of sexual transmission.
Women who are pregnant are asked to avoid travel to countries where Zika is widespread.
There are no vaccines or other medicines that can prevent Zika.
St. Joseph’s/Candler wants to make sure everyone is protected.
If you visit the hospital for care you will be asked if you have traveled to affected countries within the last 21 days.
You will also be asked if you have had contact with someone who has traveled to those countries.
“Because what we think about in the United States, in Georgia , or in Savannah is only a plane ride away.
You know we live in a very open world.  We just wanna correlate the clinical symptoms with the travel history and that might give us a better clue of what we need to look for,” explains Infection Preventionist Rita Allen.
According to the CDC there have been no reported cases of Zika virus transmission in
the Savannah region, but cases have been reported in travelers returning to the United States.
For more information about Zika virus and affected countries click here.

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