BCSD Drug-test Results Released

Like districts across the country, Beaufort County schools have seen their share of drug incidents over the years. For example–the incidents lat year at Hilton Head High school.

“I would have to say the pills are less of a concern, the continuous use of alcohol and marijuana, is obviously what you hear students talking about the most,” said principal Amanda O’Nan, last year.

Starting this year, the school district began random drug testing of student athletes. Friday, they released the results. Officials say only 23 out of the 1000 tested came back positive.

“We feel pretty good that that is a relatively low number, and what we’re hoping to take from that, is that our students are understanding the importance of not engaging in illegal drug use or activity,” said Dr. Gregory McCord, Dir. of Student Services.

This is good news for officials who elected to start the drug testing as a proactive measure. They say it doesn’t directly reflect drug issues we saw last year at places such as Beaufort and Hilton Head high schools. But they say these results are a step in the right direction for the district and its students.

“The goal for the district is to increase awareness, for students and families.anytime you are using drugs or alcohol at an early age, you are susceptible to establishing habits that are life-forming. so that’s going to take away from the quality of life we want for all of our students,” said McCord.

Soon it wont only be student-athletes, starting in August, all students involved in extracurricular activities will have to submit to the testing, and then August of 2017, all students who want a parking permit will have to follow suit.

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