Super Museum Sunday Showcase, Promoting Arts, History and Culture

SAVANNAH, GA (WSAV-TV) – The super bowl is not the only thing making this Sunday super. If you are looking to check some historical sites off of your bucket list, today’s the day.

Super museum Sunday opens up thousands of museums, forts, parks and art galleries for free for one day only. News 3 took a trip to the Georgia rail road museum.

It’s a part of the Savannah Tri-Centennial historic park that showcases Savannah and Georgia history dating back centuries.

The event does just as much for the centers of art as is does for patrons.

“It’s a great opportunity for sites to show what they have and maybe get more people in the door particularly for us we have a bunch of events coming up so, showing people what we have to share with them I think will bring more people in the door to be able to have them at our events,” says Holly Elliott with the Coastal Heritage Society.

The Coastal Heritage Society is using the event to promote several of its spring time trips as well as exhibits. You can see more about them on their web page.

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