Church Continues Soup Kitchen Event for Super Bowl Sunday

SAVANNAH, GA (WSAV-TV) – Before the big game millions of Americans sit down with all kinds of food and friends.
For seven years now, one local church has made sure no one goes hungry this super bowl Sunday hosting a soup kitchen event of their own.

“We just made it a day where we feed people, reach out. Members of the congregation give and support, this year we actually made the sandwiches as a part of morning worship,” says Pastor Andrew Young.

Hunger and poverty are not taking a break this super bowl Sunday in Savannah. So neither are the members of New Covenant Church.

“It felt real good, it felt real good. I was surprised and because usually it’s kind of hard to find good people and good things,” says Greg Hendrix.

Hendrix is one of more than 280 homeless veterans in Savannah. Events like this though help as he settles back in his home town. He’s one of the several new faces Pastor Young and volunteers have seen Sunday. Seeing new faces at every Souper Bowl, however, is routine for the church.

“I haven’t been around them a lot but every now and then people fall onto hard times and they don’t really need a hand up they just need a hand,” Hendrix says.

The church hosts soup kitchens each Saturday. Last years Souper bowl fed more than two hundred people.

“It’s a part of why we are hear. we can’t just exist to exist, if we want to be a live active part of the community we have to respond to the communities needs and this is one of the ways that we do it,” says Young.

it’s through that giving on this Sunday when many are prepping for the big game, men and woman like Hendrix were able to have a warm meal and a welcomed feeling for the week.

“It’s kind of cold and lonely being out there, but today was a nice experience coming here and I thank God for that.”

You can give New Covenant Church a call if you are interested in helping donate or volunteer for their soup kitchen at (912) 232-5658.

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