Tax Assistance Groups Hold Free Tax Filing Event

Savannah, GA (WSAV-TV) – Tax refunds are on the minds of many Americans as we close in on the halfway point this tax season. Many people in the Savannah and surrounding areas are making an effort so that filers don’t have to fork out portions of their returns trying to get it all done correctly.

The Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) Super Saturday Event provide free services to the local community, including tax filing for low to moderate-income families.

Getting your tax refunds can be a long drawn out process. One that some people, like Ada Stevens, consider to be too taxing for their work week.

“I work Monday through Friday, I can’t afford to take off a day from work just to go get my taxes done,” Stevens says.

Filing taxes online or in person ends April 15th and the IRS along with the Neighborhood Improvement Association as well as Step Up Savannah and other groups are helping people get closer to that refund check.

“They can explain your deductions your itemization, those things that a lot of us who are not into the income tax or the IRS business don’t know,” says Stevens who is marking her second year using the service.

Debra Simmons with the NIA says many filers who are enrolled in the healthcare exchange need a 10-90 form when they file at one of the several free locations.

“The Neighborhood Improvement Association on Abercorn street, we have the entrepreneur center which is on Gwinnett street. We have the Windsor forest community center which is in Windsor center and we have the Moses Jackson community center,” Simmons says.

Simmons says for many residents a paid tax filing service is just not an option, but through the free services every taxpayer gets closer to that refund they may desperately need.

“Every little bit helps, every little bit counts you never know. my five hundred dollars may mean five thousand dollars to somebody else so every little bit helps.”

If you do plan to use this service to file your tax returns here’s what you need:

  • Valid Photo ID
  • Valid Social Security Cards for taxpayers and all dependents
  • All W-2’s (including unemployment, pension and social security)
  • Forms 1098 & 1099 (if applicable)
  • All Child Care Coverage Information
  • Checking & Savings Account information for direct deposit

Here are the locations you can go to to file for free:

  1. St. Mary’s Community Center – 812 W. 36th Street
  2. EOA – 608 W. Anderson Street
  3. Neighborhood Improvement Association (NIA) – 1816 Abercorn (Year Round service)
  4. Savannah Entrepreneurial Center – 801 E. Gwinnett Street
  5. United Way of Effingham County in Rincon – 711 Zitterour Drive
  6. Moses Jackson Golden Age Center – 1410C Richard Street
  7. Bryan County Family Connection Service Center – 40 S. Industrial Blvd in Pembroke
  8. Richmond Hill location – 9611 Ford Avenue
  9. Windsor Forest – 414 Briarcliff Circle
  10. Savannah Technical College – 5717 White Bluff Road
  11. United Way Liberty County – 135 E. MLK Jr. Blvd in Hinesville


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