Nearly 10 Hour Standoff Comes to an End, No Injuries Reported

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Savannah Chatham Metro Police say a man in his 60’s surrendered peacefully after a 10-hour stand off with police.

It happened at the the Preston Grove Apartments beginning at noon on Thursday.

Police said the man’s wife had fled the apartment and done to a neighbor’s home for help.

Police say the man talked throughout the day with a negotiator and ultimately surrendered without incident.

Authorities did not immediately confirm that the man was armed.

They did say that several shots were fired and that police did not fire the shots and that what happened is still being confirmed.

We are told the man will face charges.


SAVANNAH, Ga. – A police spokesperson tells News 3, the barricaded man fired shots at the scene.  No one is injured.  Negotiations with the barricaded man are continuing.


SAVANNAH, Ga. – Savannah Police are dealing with a standoff after they say a man barricaded himself in a Preston Grove apartment in Georgetown.

Authorities say a woman ran to a neighbor’s apartment around noon Thursday asking for help.  Police were called and found the man barricaded inside one of the apartments.  The SWAT team and hostage negotiators are on scene.

We will bring you much more when information becomes available.



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