SCCPSS and Savannah State Partner to Support Professional Learning for Middle School Science Teachers

According to a release from Public Information Manager Sheila Blanco, Savannah-Chatham County Public School System and Savannah State University have received funding for year two of the Mathematics and Science Partnership (MSP) Grant. The grant helps support professional learning for middle school teachers. The grant will not only allow the participants of year one to continue but enable the program to expand and add new applicants as well.

The SSU grant will be offered to a group of 45 SCCPSS middle school science teachers for professional development activities over a two-year period. Three groups will be formed, one for each middle school grade level and the groups will focus on specific strands of middle school science curriculum,- earth, life or physical science. Each participating teacher will receive a minimum of 80 hours of professional development yearly. Training includes instruction provided by SSU College of Science and Technology (COST) to help increase teachers’ content knowledge and teacher education skills.

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