FORT STEWART: Severe Weather Update

Courtesy: Margaret Stolzoff‎

Family assistance is a top priority to help soldiers and their families displaced by the tornado, with 35 homes with various structural, water or debris damage. Families are now being sheltered in Fort Stewart lodging. With more investigation into the damages will help determine if and when families will be able to return to their homes, according to a release sent by Dina McKain of Fort Stewart Public Affairs.

150 privately owend vehicles were also damaged in the storm and six operational facilities on the post sustained major damage. Clean up  and restoration of power is continuing and residents of damaged housing areas are being cautioned to stay clear unless escorted by a police officer.

The Army Community Service Emergency Family Assistance Center opened yesterday to begin assisting Families immediately after the storm.  The EFAC will reopen at 7:30 a.m. tomorrow, offering a one stop shop that has subject matter experts from housing, legal, Army Emergency Relief, American Red Cross, and Child and Youth Services.  Call (912) 767-1257 for assistance.

Diamond Elementary at Fort Stewart is closed today, following yesterday’s tornado. The storm leaves homes and cars damaged and many without power. This morning, power is being restored and crews will begin the cleanup process. The National Weather Service will arrive later in the day to begin the investigation process.

Plenty of material, and in kind donations have been received.  Monetary donations should be made to the Red Cross by calling 1-800-RED CROSS, or by visiting

You can report downed power lines to the Fort Stewart Police Desk at 912-767-4264 or to a police officer.



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