Emanuel County School District Warning Parents About Road Problems

EMANUEL COUNTY, Ga. – School will be for Emanuel County on Friday February 1st, but the school district did want to warn parents of potential road hazards for school buses.

They posted the following on their website:

               Road Issues for ECS Buses

  • Please review the list below for roads that currently have issues (unable to pick up/drop off students):

    Bus #09-03 – Brown Spring Road (impassable)

    Bus #03-25 – Bill Glen Road (l ft. deep/blown out)

    Joe Bynes Road – (drain pipe clogged – water backed up)

    Bus #09-08 – Johnson Powell Road – Summertown (impassable)

    Bus #07-47 – Island Drive (under water)

    Buckeye Road (under water)

    Bus # 12-16 – Longbay Drive (standing in water – 1 ft deep)
    Sandy Lake Road (standing in water – 1 ft deep)
    Humming Bird Road (impassable)
    Robin Road (impassable)

    Bus #09-02 –  Meadows Road  (impassable)

    Bus # 12-12 –  Hall Bridge Road (impassable)
    Ebenezer Church Road (impassable)
    JM Spearman – (water across road)

    Bus #16-2 –    South Thompson Road (impassable)
    Mimosa Drive (impassable)

    Hereford Road (impassable)

    Bus #07-73 –  Strawberry Circle – (Bad Shape)

    Bus #03-43 –  Old Wadley Road (impassable )
    Crossing Green Road (impassable)
    Old Blundale Road (impassable)


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