2016 Iowa Caucus Under Scrutiny

IOWA (KWQC) – The Iowa caucus may be over, but criticism and controversy surrounding it remain. Today a Des Moins Register editorial scrutinized the Democratic Party’s lack of transparency. And (D) Sen. Bernie Sanders campaign is delving deeper into the caucus results.

“I think Iowa should take very seriously challenges to their caucus process,” KWQC political analyst Christopher Whitt. He says the Democratic Party needs to respond to a call by many for raw numbers. “Because people would like to know, well how many people showed up, how many people for Clinton, O’Malley and Sanders, and they have the basics of those numbers.

And moving forward Whitt says more advances are need on both sides, if Iowa wants to keep it’s first in the nation status. “If they had their normal caucus process, but at the end people are able to fill out ballot and have it counted then I think you have the raw numbers, you have the same reliability that you have in primary,” he said. Whitt said parties could work with local officials to use voting mechanisms already owned by counties, helping to better record official data.

“More methods that more people around the country are used to,” Whitt said. Because lack of change could be the cause of Iowa’s first-in-the-nation downfall. “I don’t think the people of Iowa want to lose that over a few traditions here and there,” Whitt said.

Whitt says other factors play a part in Iowa keeping their first in the nation status. He says keeping support from the media, candidates and national political parties is key.

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