You got the call, now get the job!: How to wow your future employer in an interview


The call you’ve been waiting for has finally happened!

After tirelessly applying for jobs, someone asks you to come in for an interview.

But sometimes the interview can feel like the hardest part.

That’s why news 3’s Courtney Cole spent the day finding out how to take the stress out of interviewing for our “Getting Us Back to Work” report.

When it comes to a job interview…you only have one shot to make a good first impression…

And a big part of that is being on time.

“It’s extremely important. If someone’s late, I actually won’t interview with them. ”

As a Senior Staffing Consultant at Express Employment Professionals, Allison Body tells me looking the part is pretty important, too.

“…A way to make yourself standout is to dress professionally. Even if it is a general labor job, if you dress to impress, they’re going to remember you and that’s the key thing-making sure they remember you in a good way.”

Acceptable professional attire for an interview:

-For women that means slacks or a skirt and a blouse.

-And for men, slacks and a polo or a button-down dress shirt will do.

And be mindful of your body language!

“The most important thing is to just be comfortable,” Body told News 3.

Now to that piece of paper that got you noticed in the first place: your resume.

Make sure you’re listing your experience in chronological order, from newest, to oldest.

Include only the most important things, and keep it down to one page.

“Companies don’t have time to read it. You have to grasp their attention on the first page. That first page is where you want to sell yourself to them,” Body said.

Make sure you have at least 5 copies and a cover letter.

And once the employer is done it’s your turn to ask the questions.

“Asking questions also lets me know that you’re truly interested, that you want to know more about the company, that you want to know more about the position,” said Body.

Researching the company you’re going to interview with is also key.

The last thing that’s sure to make your future employer remember you is sending them a thank-note a day or two after the interview.

It’s the perfect way to keep you on their minds.



For more information about Express Employment Savannah, click this link:

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