Suspect Vehicle in Eastside Savannah Drive By Identified Thanks to Neighbors Security Cameras

courtesy Taylor McMasters

SAVANNAH, GA (WSAV) In many of Savannah’s unsolved shootings or homicides police say they have to work with little to no evidence. That’s not the case for one drive by shooting on Savannah’s east side that police now have home security video of the suspect vehicle.

A normally quiet street in the Victory Heights neighborhood went frantic as neighbors heard gunshots one Sunday morning in late January.

“That’s the scary part about this that there were families outside playing with their kids at the time and somebody is shooting up someone else’s house,” says Taylor McMasters who has called the area home for three years now.

It was the quick thinking by neighbors like McMasters that now have given Metro police hard evidence of a suspect vehicle in the shooting.

“I called law enforcement and told them I have some images of the vehicles in the area.”

That footage coming from his personal home security camera system. Now the police have an image of the vehicle they believe was involved in the drive by.  They say a newer model Toyota Camry was seen around the time of the shooting. Without that footage, Metro police would have basically no information on the crime.

“Video footage, still images, witnesses, I mean it makes the entire investigation so much more put together in a sense because we’re able to tell the story then,” says Southside Precinct’s interim crime prevention officer Brian Smith.

The images captured on outdoor home security cameras are a safety measure for homeowners, but police are now using them as evidence critical to solving crimes mostly burglaries or scams.

“We turned the evidence pile on this case from a silver sedan to the exact car, when they were there, and a profile of the person,” says McMasters.

McMasters invested in the cameras after his truck was broken into. Now he wants every homeowner to consider having one. As does CPO Smith who sees them definitely as a way to monitor and keep neighborhoods safe.

“That’s going to make it a much better and safer place for everybody and so the more people that do speak up and so forth or are able to provide any type of evidence I think that’s a fantastic thing.”

The drive by shots fired incident is still under investigation as SCMPD is seeking the suspects in the vehicle. No arrests have been made as of this time.

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