Severe Weather Preparedness Week: Day 2

Severe Thunderstorms can produce damaging winds and large hail. (Picture: NWS)

Georgia severe weather awareness week continues today… with the topic dangerous conditions which are produced by severe thunderstorms.

When conditions will support the development of multiple severe thunderstorms… the National Weather Service will issue a severe thunderstorm watch.

When damaging winds and/or large hail are imminent or occurring… The National Weather Service will issue a severe thunderstorm warning. When a warning is issued for your location… you need to take immediate action to avoid injury or even save your life.

Damaging straight line winds occur much more frequently than tornadoes. These thunderstorm winds can exceed 100 mph in extreme cases and can produce damage equivalent to that of a tornado.

Another danger associated with severe thunderstorms is large hail. Severe thunderstorms produce hail the size of quarters or larger. Within a thunderstorm… strong rising currents of air called updrafts carry water droplets to great heights where freezing occurs. The resulting hail grows in size until it becomes too heavy to be supported by the updraft… then it falls toward the ground.

Large hail causes over a billion dollars worth of property and crop damage each year. Hail the size of golf balls or larger often occurs just before a tornado develops or in the vicinity of a tornado.

Information courtesy of the National Weather Service.

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